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JULY 1, 2019



David Masser, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 4:30pm with the following in attendance: Mike Keiser, Vice Chairman; Arthur Masser, Supervisor; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; Brian Kerstetter, Solicitor; and Jodi Willow, Secretary/Treasurer.


Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to approve the June 3, 2019 meeting minutes, the financial report and the payment of bills. Unanimous.


Correspondence: 1)Letter from PennDOT regarding temporary banners/signs for events within highway ROW  2) Response letter from Snyder County 911 regarding missed calls



Zoning- Doug spoke with a gentleman that would like to put an office in the lower level of a building he owns.  He currently has less than the 2 acre minimum requirement and doesn’t have space for parking.  Doug will talk to the solicitor and Planning Commission about this.


Codes/Sewage- None


Engineer- None


Roadmaster- The secretary will send a letter to Sunoco to get written permission to put no left turn signs at their Rt 15 access points.  The brake retarder signs have been ordered and once they arrive, they will be put up.  McCarty Rd has been built up and is now ready for tar and chip.  Mid State Paving has put in the drainage basin at the intersection of Culbertson and White Deer Avenues.  Both mowers are currently down and in need of parts. 


Solicitor- No word from White Deer Run regarding Improvements Guaranty.


GTMA- the minutes were read prior to the meeting.


Secretary- None


Old Business- None


New Business- None


Public Comment-  Washington Township spoke to Mike Keiser and stated that they have an ordinance that they are looking to adopt that will crack down on the Amish.  The secretary will contact them to see how the meeting went.


Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to adjourn the meeting at 4:59pm. 





JUNE 19, 2019


Dan King, Vice Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with the following in attendance: Ken Kipp, Treasurer; Gary Umstead, Member; Ryan Runkle, Member; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; and Jodi Willow, Secretary.


The secretary read the minutes from the May 15, 2019 meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report- The balance as of May 31, 2019 remains $269.99.


Public Comment- None


Old Business-The commission reviewed the suggested short term rental amendments  for the zoning ordinance Doug Hovey drew up.  It was noted that the PA Supreme Court recently ruled that short term rentals are not a reasonable permitted use in the residential district.  The commission would like to tweak the definition of short term rental a little.  They would also like to know if the PA UCC limits the amount of people allowed in a dwelling/rental, such as so many per bedroom.  In the amendments, Doug has a short term rental as a permitted use in Commercial, Institutional and Commercial Manufacturing zones and special exceptions in Woodland Preservation and Agriculture.  The commission would like to change CM to a special exception.  The commissions biggest concern is this is done safely and so as to not be a nuisance.  They would also like to take out the part about keeping a manifest of the occupants and emergency contact info in a box outside the residence.  They feel that a local contact person for the rental should keep this information so it’s not available for the public to look at.  The commission will mull over the definition of short term rental till July and Doug will make the suggested changes.


Driveway amendment-  The amendment was approved at the June 3, 2019 supervisors meeting.


New Business- None


Motion by Ryan Runkle, second by Gary Umstead to adjourn the meeting at 8:26pm.  Unanimous.



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