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MARCH 4, 2019



David Masser, Chairman, called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Mike Keiser, Vice Chairman; Arthur Masser, Supervisor; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; Brian Kerstetter, Solicitor; Cheryl Kahl, Union County Acting Treasurer; Shawn McLaughlin, Union County Planning; Tom Snoddy, GTPC; Jon Brownsberger; citizen; and Jodi Willow, Secretary/Treasurer.

Public Comment- Cheryl Kahl, Union County Acting Treasurer, was present to introduce herself.  Her term is up for election this year.  She was here to seek support from the board. 

Great Stream Commons- Shawn McLaughlin stated that there are a couple prospects for the park.  One is Project White Knight.  It is a furniture manufacturer that would be rail served and would employ 500.  There are 3 other sites in PA that this manufacturer is looking at.  This company is looking at the Target site, as they would be working 24 hrs a day.

The other prospect is known as Project Coat.  They are an architectural finishing firm.  They would require 60 acres and would employ 125 to start and bump that up to 200 in 3-5 years.  One sticking point for the companies seems to be the $1.6 million tap in fee for the sewer.  The plant manager will take it to the board to see if its negotiable. 

There is a tax incentive that  Union County has asked the school district if they would be amenable to it.  Shawn stated that they seemed to have a positive reaction.  The county is also working with Target to amend the covenants of the park to be a little more flexible. 

Cushman Wakefield’s contract is complete.  The county will be looking for a new firm to represent the park.

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to approve the February 4, 2019 meeting minutes, the financial report and the payment of bills.  Unanimous.

Correspondence- 1) Invitation to the Allenwood Community Relations Board meeting on Tuesday, March 5 at 8am- The secretary will attend.


Zoning- The board has decided to go back to a zoning ordinance amendment for driveways.  They will use the comments that Dan King had drawn up, minus the one about using concrete for the driveway.  Doug also suggested a few additions from Brian’s ordinance and of his own.  Tom Snoddy was present to suggest going back to the amendment so that everything is all in one book and there are no conflicting statements. Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to send the updated amendment back to the planning commission for review.  Unanimous.

Codes/Sewage- None

Engineer- None

Roadmaster- There are a couple manholes on White Deer Avenue that the plow is getting hung up on.  The roadmaster will discuss this with the GTMA.

Roadwork- The board discussed sealcoating and fog sealing portions of McCarty Rd and Masser Rd starting at the bridge to the intersection with Rt 44.  This will be bid with Delaware Township.  Also discussed was paving/widening Culbertson Ave, inlet/pipe work on Columbia Ave, a paved swale on 1st St and sewer trench repair on Commerce Drive.  Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to put all the above roadwork out to bid, with the seal coat and fog seal being bid with Delaware Township.  Unanimous.

Solicitor- discussed under zoning

GTMA- The board reviewed the minutes prior to the meeting.  Dave noted a typo in the first sentence.  The word “meting” should be corrected to “meeting”.

Secretary-1) Motion by Arthur Masser, second by Mike Keiser to sign Resolution 2019-02 authorizing the chairman and secretary to sign the loan paperwork for the Ford F550 loan.  Unanimous.  2)  The secretary should talk to the GTMA secretary to work on a date for the picnic.

Public Comment- None

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to adjourn the meeting at 5:01pm.  Unanimous.






FEBRUARY 20, 2019


Tom Snoddy, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with the following in attendance:  Dan King, Vice Chairman; Ken Kipp, Treasurer; Gary Umstead, Member; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; Jeff Thomas, Kieran Pelletier and Mike Scoviak, White Deer Run; and Jodi Willow, Secretary.

The secretary read the minutes from the January 16, 2019 meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report- The balance as of January 31, 2019 is $330.99.  The treasurer will inform the commission when the balance is close to $100 so they are not assessed a bank fee again.

Public Comment- None

New Business- Jeff Thomas, CEO of White Deer Run, was present to discuss the proposed expansion of the treatment center.  They would like to build a 333’ x 30’, 2 story dormitory that will house 60 beds and several counselor offices.  They will be utilizing the existing road and parking lots, adding only walking trails to the dormitory.  They have 3 wells on property and a 60,000 gallon holding tank.  A study was done to see if the sewer plant on site could accommodate the additional flow until the sewer hookup with the Gregg Township Municipal Authority is complete.  Since there will only be up to an additional 30 patients this year, the plant should suffice.  Mr. Thomas stated they are hoping to be hooked up to GTMA by August or September of this year.  The zoning officers comments were given to Mr. Thomas to forward to their engineer.  It was noted that there should be a lighting plan and parking calculations included in the plans.  The plans were tabled until March when the zoning officers and engineers comments have been addressed .

Old Business- Tom Snoddy questioned why the driveway zoning amendment was changed to a driveway ordinance.  The commission feels that most of the items addressed in the proposed ordinance are currently in the zoning ordinance and this could be simply done by a zoning amendment.  They would like the Board of Supervisors to reconsider going with a zoning amendment instead of the ordinance as it will keep everything in one document with less confusion. 

Motion by Dan King, second by Gary Umstead to adjourn the meeting at 8:35pm.  Unanimous.




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