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MAY 6, 2019



David Masser, Chairman, called the meeting to order with the following in attendance: Mike Keiser, Vice Chairman; Arthur Masser, Supervisor; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; Brian Kerstetter, Solicitor; Curt Cohick, Kieran Pelletier and Jeff Thomas, White Deer Run; Jason Koch, GTMA; and Jodi Willow, Secretary/Treasurer.

The regular meeting closed at 4:30pm to open roadwork bids as advertised in the Daily Item and the Williamsport Sun Gazette.

The bids for paving/drainage are as follows:

HRI, Inc                                              $99,500.00

New Enterprise Stone & Lime       $96,438.50

Mid-State Paving,LLC                     $94,932.00

Glen O. Hawbaker                           $99,892.00

Motion by David Masser, second by Arthur Masser to award the paving/drainage project to Mid-State Paving, LLC for $94,932.00.  Unanimous

The bids for seal coat and fog seal were as follows:

Hammaker East LTD                       $36,782.75

Midland Asphalt Materials,Inc        $45,725.55

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to award the seal coat project to Hammaker East LTD for $36,782.75.  Unanimous.

The Chairman reopened the regular meeting at 4:37pm.

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to approve the April 1, 2019 regular meeting and April 18, 2019 special meeting minutes, the financial report and the payment of bills.  Unanimous.

Correspondence- None


Zoning- David Glick will need to apply for a floodplain permit to expand his out building.

Driveway amendment will be advertised for the June meeting. 

CSVT meeting- The chairman discussed the meeting he attended regarding the bypass project. 

Codes/Sewage- None

Engineer- None

Roadmaster- The board questioned if we could put signs up with Sunoco’s approval so traffic can’t exit south on 15 from the Sunoco parking lot.  The solicitor stated that we would need PennDOT’s approval since it is a state road.  The secretary will send a letter to PennDOT requesting this and will also find the plans for Sunoco to see what is shown.

Moveable A-frame- the roadmaster requested to purchase a moveable a-frame from Joe’s Welding for $1000.00.  Motion by Arthur Masser, second by Mike Keiser to approve the purchase of the moveable a-frame from Joe’s Welding for $1,000.00.  Unanimous.

Solicitor- The driveway ordinance was discussed under zoning.

GTMA- The minutes were read prior to the meeting.

Secretary- The board reviewed what neighboring townships charge for zoning hearing board cases and what it has cost the township recently. Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to raise the zoning hearing board fees to $700.00 and copies to $0.25 per page. Unanimous.

LST refund- Motion by Mike Keiser, second by Arthur Masser to refund Jill Yoder’s 2018 LST payment of $33.00.  Unanimous.

Old Business- None

New Business-

1)White Deer Run- Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to conditionally approve the Final Land Development Plan for White Deer Run of Allenwood with the following conditions:1) Certificate of Ownership signed 2)Erosion and sediment plan and NPDES approval 3)Improvements Guarantee.  Unanimous.  The other 2 conditions set by the Planning Commission have been settled.

2)Resolution 2019-04- Motion by Mike Keiser, second by Arthur Masser to authorize the Chairman to sign the Application for Traffic Signal Approval.  Unanimous.

Public Comment- Mike Keiser asked if anything could be done about the walk offs at White Deer Run.  The gentlemen from WDR stated they can’t stop the ones that walk off.  They stated that if there are any issues to call them and they will take care of it. 

Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to adjourn the meeting at 5:14pm.  Unanimous.






APRIL 17, 2019


Tom Snoddy called the meeting to order at 7:30 with the following in attendance: Dan King, Vice Chairman; Ken Kipp, Treasurer;  Gary Umstead, Member;  Ryan Runkle, Member;  Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer;  Jeff Thomas, CEO White Deer Run;  Kieran Pelletier,  COO White Deer Run;  Curt Cohick, Facility Operations Manager White Deer Run; Connie Sherman, Connie’s Constant Clutter.

Dan read the minutes from the March 20, 2019 meeting.  Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – The balance is $269.99.  No fees were assessed.

Public Comment – None

Old Business –White Deer Run LD plan - Doug Hovey provided another review of the White Deer Run Dormitory to the commission.  The review addressed several conditions that could be included for final plan approval.  Additionally, HRG provided a letter with their comments for the Sewage Facilities component with no issues found that would prevent the Township from signing.  Jodi had previously provided a copy of a Developer’s agreement executed by both the GTMA and White Deer Run for the construction of a pumping station and sanitary sewer extension.  This agreement requires construction of this system, and includes dedication to the Authority, and this system will then become part of the Authority’s overall sanitary system.  HRG  completed a review of the Stormwater Management Plan with their recommendations in a letter dated March 14, 2019.  Tom informed White Deer Run that the parking space reduction being requested could not be waived, but they would need to apply  for a variance.  Jeff believes the meeting for the variance will occur within the next week or so.  With this information, Dan King made a motion to recommend the Final Land Development Plan for White Deer Run of Allenwood for conditional approval to the Supervisors with the following conditions.

1.     1-  Approval of Parking Variance

2.     2-  Certificate of ownership signed before final approval

3.     3-  Erosion and Sediment plan as well as NPDES approval obtained

4.     4-  Improvements Guarantee Signed

5.      5- Executed storm water management agreement.

Motion was seconded by Gary Umstead, Unanimous.

-The Driveway Amendment is with the solicitor to write up a zoning change then proceed with advertisement for a public hearing.

New Business – Connie’s Constant Clutter Air BNB – Connie explained what an Air BNB actually is to the commission.  Air BNB is an App owned by a company that contracts with property owners to provide a temporary (generally overnight) living space.  It does not provide for any meals and is short term rental for travelers.  Air BNB does not fit the definition of a Bread and Breakfast as no meals are provided and does not get into the licensing requirements of a hotel/motel.  This type of use is not defined in the Township schedule of uses within our zoning ordinance.  Tom explained that Connie could go to the zoning hearing board and request a variance, but there was no guarantee that the variance would be granted and the cost for this hearing was not refundable.  After discussion, a second option would be to allow the planning commission to work with Doug to attempt to draft a zoning amendment that addresses this issue.  Connie decided not to pursue the variance at this time.  Doug will review other ordinances and on-line information and bring information for the commissions review to the next meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made by Dan King at 8:30pm.  Seconded by Ryan Runkle, Unamious.  Meeting adjourned.



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