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APRIL 5, 2021
David Masser, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 4:30pm with the following in attendance:  Mike Keiser, Vice Chairman; Arthur Masser, Supervisor; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; Brian Kerstetter, Solicitor; Gavin Lindsey, Resident; Ken Bloomer; Resident; and Jodi Willow, Secretary/Treasurer.
Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to approve the March 1, 2021 meeting minutes, the financial report and the payment of bills.  Unanimous.
Correspondence-1) Letter from CKCOG regarding the financial status of the COG and request for funds from municipalities. 2) Email from Russell Standard regarding crack sealing- tabled until roadmaster report.
Zoning- The planning commission recommended conditional approval of Snappy’s Land Development plan and no action was taken on Lot 10’s plan.  The main issue with the Lot 10 plan will be the road.  They are building it to what the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance requires, but it is butting up to the portion that Target built and they used more than what the SALDO requires.  The secretary will contact the township’s engineer and ask for their input regarding this and making the ditch they have to move on the south side of the road like the one on the north side.  It should also be noted in the plans that they will correct any wet spots in the road.
Engineer- None
Roadmaster- Dave would like the Doug to contact Mifflinburg OIP or their contractor to ask them about what is being done about the pile of dirt at the Rt 15 & 44 commercial property.
The Supervisors reviewed the estimate for roadwork drawn up by the township’s PennDOT rep.  The work would be paving and widening 2nd St, widening a small portion of White Deer Ave and paving 1st St with road sloping for drainage and driveway tie-ins.  Motion by Arthur Masser, second by Mike Keiser to put the roadwork out for bid for the May 3rd meeting.  Unanimous.
Crack Sealing- The secretary will contact Russell Standard to meet with the road crew to get an estimate for what work there is to be done.
Ford F-550- The 2011 Ford F-550 is getting inspected and the brakes worked on.  Once that truck is done, the 2019 F-550 will need inspected.
Dave would like to borrow the steam jenny from GTMA to clean up the equipment.
GTMA- The minutes were reviewed prior to the meeting.    
Secretary- The board reviewed the quotes and types of lights recommended by Cooper Electric for the meeting room, hallway and office.  After some discussion, motion by Mike Keiser, second by Arthur Masser to accept the quote of $246.00 to for replacement lights for meeting room, office and hallway.  Unanimous.  The secretary will contact S & K Electric to install.
Old Business- None
New Business- Snappy’s Land Development- The board reviewed the plan with the zoning officer.  They are expecting their permit from PennDOT shortly for the turning lane off of Rt 15.  The planning commission noted that trucks need to be able to exit both ways onto Russell Rd.  Motion by David Masser, second by Arthur Masser to conditionally approve the Snappy’s Land Development Plan contingent upon meeting conditions set by the planning commission.  Unanimous.
Public Comment- Ken Bloomer questioned whether the solar ordinance will affect residential solar power.  He would like to experiment with it and build a couple for his yard.  Once the ordinance is passed, he would need a zoning permit to meet setback requirements.  The main focus of the ordinance is solar farms.  He also commented that the gas station at the southern end of town went for sheriff’s sale and didn’t sell.  It now belongs to the bank.  He is concerned with all the junk left behind, such as  refrigerators, gas pump, central air compressors, piles of wood, etc.    The secretary sent an email to the bank’s solicitor regarding this, but has not received a reply as of yet.  She will contact CKCOG to have codes check it out.
Mike Keiser questioned what could be done regarding garbage trucks having garbage blowing all over and laying in fields along Rt 15.  The solicitor stated that the state police would need to see it happen to fine them. 
Motion by David Masser, second by Mike Keiser to adjourn the meeting at 5:37pm.  Unanimous.
March 17, 2021
Tom Snoddy, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with the following in attendance: Dan King, Vice Chairman; Ken Kipp, Treasurer; Gary Umstead and Ryan Runkle, Members; Doug Hovey, Zoning Officer; Brian McManus, Mericle; David Ulrich, Mid-Penn Engineering; Keith Powell, Snappy’s; and Jodi Willow, Secretary.
The Secretary read the minutes from the February 17, 2021 meeting.  The minutes were approved as read.
Treasurer’s report- As of February 28, 2021, the balance remains $351.99.
Public Comment- None
New Business- Brian McManus, Sr. Vice President of Mericle was present to discuss the Preliminary/Final Land Development Plans for Great Stream Commons Lot #10. The plans are for a 399,000 ft² warehouse/distribution facility.  They will be connecting to the sewer and natural gas lines.  The building will be fully sprinklered and have wall hydrants along the building in case of fire.  An improvement’s guarantee is needed for the road improvement and stormwater construction and will need an engineer’s estimate.  The NPDES permit will be submitted next week if it isn’t done this week.  The Secretary will forward the plans to the WRAFD if they would like to review them.  A full list of zoning and stormwater comments are attached.  Mr. McManus stated that they will respond to all the comments for the April meeting.
Snappy’s Gas Station- David Ulrich, Mid-Penn Engineering and Keith Powell, Snappy’s Gas Stations, were present to discuss the Subdivision and Final Land Development plan for Snappy’s Convenience Store.  An improvement’s guarantee will be needed for the stormwater construction and will need an engineer’s estimate.  They have submitted for their NPDES permit and HOP.  There will be 2 driveways off of Russell Rd, one for trucks and one for regular vehicles.  The Commission requested that signs be utilized to let traffic know and that the pavement markings are maintained over the years.  They do have planned to deliver propane in the future, but Mr. Powell stated that if the truck pumps are really busy, then they won’t add propane delivery.  They will be connecting to the sewer and using propane instead of hooking up to the natural gas.  It was asked if they will be providing electric car recharging stations.  It was noted that this is a pretty rural area and there isn’t much use for this as of now, but they can be easily added in the future.  Motion by Dan King, second by Gary Umstead to forward the plans to the Board of Supervisors for conditional approval contingent upon meeting conditions 1-9 from the zoning officer(Attached). Unanimous.
The commission suggested contacting the WRAFD anytime plans are received to see if they have any comments.
Old Business-
Wagging Tails Coffee- They have responded to Doug’s email and have noted they are working with PennDOT on the HOP and have responded to the Planning Commission’s comments.
Solar Farm Ordinance- Doug formatted the solar farm ordinance to show how it would fit into our zoning ordinance.  The commission will review it for the April meeting. 
Doug’s zoning report- The secretary will email this report to the planning commission each month.
Motion by Dan King, second by Ken Kipp to adjourn the meeting at 9:11pm.  Unanimous.

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